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Nice Link on Effective Email Marketing

April 23, 2010

A  nice link on effective email marketing


Nice Link on Measure Email Marketing Measurement

April 22, 2010

Check on this article on

What is lacking in current Email Marketing Tool?

April 22, 2010

There is plethora of email marketing tool in the web world. When you start looking for one there are too many available. So to make a decision about what to choose becomes very difficult. Some of the experience that I had in past using couple of these tools are

  1. They don’ t have great segmentation facility.
  2. No post campaign analytics.

I had this requirement to blast emails for cross-sell/up-sell campaign for my existing campaign. Here I need to segment my existing customer base based on products. The only thing I could do was upload an excel for a product and then blast an email. This basically means the entire segmentation cum filtering have to be done outside the system. The system only accepts the list and no filterting further. This was too much of work. This is where I see Assetlink Campaign Management providing a great flexibility for marketing guys to properly segment the customer base within the tool instead of outside the tool.

Secondly about the post campaign analytics, the Assetlink provides the best dashboard for email marketing campaign that someone has ever seen in recent times. I’m not including the enterprise solution which are hosted on premise but the SaaS model. In this vertical the solution is providing an in depth analytical details that any marketing person can imagine in an online tool. Let me add a screenshot below

Next Generation Email Marketing Tool

April 22, 2010

The new Assetlink One-to-One eMarketing Solution enables you to plan, design, execute and analyze all of your online, social media and direct marketing initiatives in a single, pushbutton, integrated and collaborative appliance.

Comprehensive product for Marketing Professional which provides a paradigm shift to  marketing professional from Small to Medium to Large organisation. It covers every aspect of marketing i.e. from Planning to Execution. It also includes the most important aspect that budget tracking. The list of features are as follows


  • Brief Your Marketing Team
  • Allocate Marketing Budgets
  • Assign Marketing Resources
  • Publish Calendars


  • Manage Multichannel Marketing Campaigns
  • Target Customer Segments
  • Define Promotional Offers
  • Customize Content


  • Set Up Multistage Campaigns
  • Schedule and Deliver Multiwave Campaigns
  • Push a Button to Deliver Campaigns


  • Obtain Interactive, Real-Time Analytics
  • Translate Analytical Insights into More Business
  • Measure Your Marketing Performance.

Manage Leads

  • Maximize Lead Capture
    Automate Lead Management
    Route Leads to Sales and Follow-up

For more details check out the link