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Video the New Mantra For Direct Marketing

May 17, 2010

Marketers are getting crazy to find new way to make their email marketing campaign as part of their direct marketing activity more effective. From effective I mean more Open Rates for their campaign.

Email Marketing have gone through a great revolution and I believe with advent of new technology its going to get better better and better. The technology have acted as an catalyst for the marketers who were till now using various conventional and traditional methods which in turn were expensive also.

One of the technology that should be given more attention is Video Email Campaign. Instead of the using the html based email campaign which could be victim of more strict spam rules or boring for the target propsects or customer, video becomes a great tool not only to express your message but also make it interesting to make an impact.

Though the open rate cannot be guaranteed to increase just because we have used video within the email but it has potentially a better rate of conversion. The reason for more conversion is due to fact that the impact will be more higher as compare to the text based email campaign. Having said that it should also ensure that marketers don’t send a movie size video whch is large and makes the entire campaign objective failed.

The video should be shorrt, interesting and appealing and at the same time have the right message. This is really challenging for the marketers. Due to impact, it is important that whatever is sent should go through goood amount design and approval cycle. Marketers should ensure that message is completely in sync with the campaign objective and no mistake is acceptable as any mistake will put your video email into a junk.

Another advantage that I see is the rate of forwarding the campaign email will increase as the users are more interested in forwarding the email which appeals them. This is good example of viral marketing with almost no effort.

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