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Choosing the right customer for Direct Marketing or Email Marketing Campaign

May 9, 2010

The role of a Marketing Manager in an organization has changed greatly over the last few years. The market continues to change rapidly with an increased number of products and increased competition and with direct marketing  focus now shifting to customer engagement. Customers are aware more than ever before of what they want and are spoilt for choice. The channels for direct marketing are also changing rapidly. Gone are the days when a billboard or an ad on television was a way to reach the customer.

Today’s marketers need to nurture and engage their customers and prospects – not just a random selection of people but a carefully chosen target group. This choice requires a clear profiling of the target audience for a direct marketing campaign based on an in-depth analysis of customer behavior and preferences. The Marketing Manager needs to be a friend who knows the customer so well as to be able to suggest what she or he needs and make the customer say – “Wow…you know what? That’s exactly what I need at this moment! It’s perfect for me!”

While it’s all very one-to-one, personal and exciting, this throws up a great challenge for a Marketing Manager. The questions that pop up in the Marketing Manager’s mind are:

  1. Where do I get this in-depth information on my customers/prospects?
  2. How do I choose the correct target set for my campaign?
  3. How can I do all this quickly and easily?

Add to it the limitations of the processes and current database systems that store the wealth of customer information in an organization, such as:

  1. Complexity of list pulling
  2. Dependency on a Database Analyst
  3. No flexibility and Time consuming
  4. No tracking of previous campaigns
  5. Complicated and not easy

To empower the marketers Campaign Management solutions should provide:

  1. Easy Segmentation: Marketing Managers should be able to define and store the target segments for a direct marketing or email marketing campaign in an intuitive and easy manner. Marketers are also looking for aggregations and other operations on the information present in the database so it could be utilized for defining the right set of customers for the campaign. It should allow the Marketing Manager to include and exclude sets of customers to ensure optimum coverage. learn more>>
  2. Easy modification: Marketing Managers should be able to quickly adapt to changes and modify the target segments for a Campaign. It should be easy to quickly pull out the counts and the list of customers for a campaign. By putting this in the hands of the Marketing Managers, they could now assess the impact of changes in the counts due to change in strategies.
  3. Flexibility: It must have the flexibility of further classifying these target segments so as to present various offers and based on the response, be able to follow up with the next offer.
  4. Quick and Efficient Execution: It should be easy to define campaigns and execute them in a quick and efficient manner.

This will help reduce the go-to-market time for campaigns considerably thereby improving the productivity of the Marketing Managers.

  1. Efficient Resource Utilization: The tool should be simple enough so Market Managers can execute a campaign with minimum resource utilization. The campaigns need no longer be delayed due to insufficient resource availability thereby providing a substantial saving on costs.
  2. Response Tracking and Analysis: The tool should allow the response data captured in the system to be easily interpreted and re-used for further planning. This will ensure that customers are being nurtured based on their preferences.

The focus of today’s marketing is valuing and developing customer relationships. In such times when customer loyalty and lifetime value are key to good marketing practices, the need for a simple, effective, flexible yet efficient Campaign Management tool is critical for any organization.

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